What is functional nutrition and how could it help you?

Functional nutrition is an approach to health that takes the body as a
whole into consideration. When there is a lack of health functional
nutrition looks for the root cause or main contributing factors.
Objective tests are used and may include blood, saliva, stool or muscle
tests in addition to a comprehensive history and physical exam. Once the
results are analyzed the doctor creates a detailed plan to help support
the function of the involved systems. Interventions can include supplements, dietary and lifestyle modifications.

According to the National Health Council a chronic condition is a
disease lasting three months or longer. Currently chronic diseases
affect approximately 133 million Americans, more than 40% of the
population. This number is estimated to grow to 157 million Americans by
2020 with many of those having multiple conditions.

We are constantly bombarded with choices, choices of what to put IN and
ON our bodies and HOW to respond to situations or stress. The easy
options are often the worst for us in terms of how they impact our
health. We catch ourselves reaching for the soda or energy drink instead
of water and a 10 minute walk outside, or reacting angrily to a
stressful situation instead of taking a moment to let emotions settle.
Functional nutrition helps people learn to choose the healthier options
and develop healthier habits.

Dr. Emily Mallon completed training with Functional Medicine University.  She is
passionate about understanding chronic conditions and helping people
improve their quality of life through healthy movement, lifestyle and
nutrition. A functional nutrition approach helped her to address her own
auto-immunity issues and regain her health. Some conditions she has
worked with include thyroid imbalance, hormone imbalance, auto-immunity
and adrenal/stress response.

Dr. Emily formerly of Tanner, WV,
and a graduate of Gilmer County High School, now resides in Morgantown
with her family. She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in
Davenport, IA and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She practiced in Illinois
and Michigan prior to returning to WV. She has been practicing in the
Morgantown area since 2008 and currently has several locations where she
helps patients.

Are you looking for a way to live a more
energized and focused life on a daily basis? Functional nutrition could
help you understand WHY you have low energy, brain fog, poor digestion
and a lack of enjoyment in your life. Don’t delay! Call to schedule with
Dr. Emily today!
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